The proceedings of BioQControl’s pre-IPFA-PEI Workshop in Bologna are now available.

Approximately 70 professionals attended our workshop organized before the main IPFA-PEI meeting in Bologna. Three introductory presentations focused on standardization of testing and a software tool (DataQ Analytics) enabling interlaboratory comparison and statistical evaluation of run control results and other assay performance parameters.

After the break four speakers representing national blood screening laboratories showed performance evaluation and screening data of different assays in relation to residual risk of transfusion-transmitted virus infections. The presenters from Ireland, and South-Africa showed performance data of a new HBV/HCV/HIV/HEV NAT assay and a widely used HIV-Ag/Ab combo assay, while speakers from Poland and The Netherlands gave insight in risk reduction achieved by different individual-donation and minipool NAT options for detection of HBV and HEV.

Presentations at pre-IPFA-PEI Workshop – May 9 in Bologna

Thirty years post-market performance follow-up (PMPF) of NAT and serologic assays for detection of blood borne viruses

Viral standards and assay performance: the foundations for estimating transmission risk of NAT screened blood

Nico Lelie, BioQControl, Heiloo, Netherlands  

Design of run controls and software for PMPF of different in-vitro diagnostic devices (IVDs) in blood screening laboratories

Harry van Drimmelen, BioQControl, Heiloo, Netherlands 

Automated assay-specific statistical evaluation of test run results

Jos Weusten, Statistician, Nijmegen, the Netherlands   

Performance evaluation of Ultrioplex E assay

Padraig Williams, Irish Blood Transfusion Service, Dublin, Ireland 

Fifteen years of HBV transmission risk reduction by different NAT methods used in Poland

Aneta Kopacz, Institute of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine, Warsaw, Poland 

Sensitivity of Alinity combo HIV-Ag/Ab assay

Josephine Mitchel, South African National Blood Service, Johannesburg, South Africa 

HEV-NAT screening update: Effect of screening sensitivity on residual risk

Boris Hogema, Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation, Amsterdam, the Netherlands