SeraQ Multi-Marker Controls are composed of inactivated standards diluted in a defibrinated plasma (serum) matrix. A series of SeraQ Multi-Marker Controls have been designed to generate weakly reactive results (around 2-3 times the cutoff signal) in viral serology test systems of different IVD manufacturers. The product names in the catalogue refer to the targeted test system or manufacturer.


Multi-Marker HBsAg, anti-HCV, anti-HIV-1 Controls


Cat. NoSeraQ ControlQuantityReg. StatusStorage Temp.List PriceKit Insert
P0078/01SeraQ ARCHITECT60 x 2 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€3555,-KI4075
P0078/02SeraQ ARCHITECT10 x 2 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€592,50-KI4075
P0179/01SeraQ Elecsys60 x 2 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€3555,-KI4179
P0179/02SeraQ Elecsys10 x 2 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€592,50-KI4179
P0180/01SeraQ LIAISON60 x 2 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€3555,-KI4180
P0180/02SeraQ LIAISON10 x 2 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€592,50-KI4180
P0259/01SeraQ Murex60 x 2 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€3555,-KI4260
P0259/02SeraQ Murex10 x 2 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€592,50-KI4260
P0309/01SeraQ BIO-RAD60 x 2 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€3555,-KI4277
P0309/02SeraQ BIO-RAD10 x 2 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€592,50-KI4277
P0374/01SeraQ Alinity V360 x 2.3 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€3867,50-KI4280
P0374/02SeraQ Alinity V310 x 2.3 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€642,50-KI4280


Multi-Marker HBsAg, anti-HBc, anti-HCV, anti-HIV-1, anti-HTLV-I Controls


Cat. NoSeraQ ControlQuantityReg. StatusStorage Temp.List PriceKit Insert
P0320/01SeraQ Alinity V260 x 3 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€5350,-KI4294
P0320/02SeraQ Alinity V210 x 3 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€892,50-KI4294
P0386/01SeraQ Alinity V460 x 3 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€5350,-KI4286
P0386/02SeraQ Alinity V410 x 3 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€892,50-KI4286


PEO = for performance evaluation only, limited use of predefined customers
# in development, can be made available for performance evaluation studies only