Anti-Treponema pallidum (Syphilis) Controls

Cat. NoSeraQ ControlQuantityReg. StatusStorage Temp.List PriceKit Insert
P0267/01SeraQ TPHA Syphilis V260 x 2 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€1967,50,-KI4266
P0267/02SeraQ TPHA Syphilis V210 x 2 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€327,50-KI4266
P0218/01SeraQ ARCHITECT Syphilis60 x 2 mLCE≤ -20˚C€1967,50,-KI4218
P0218/02SeraQ ARCHITECT Syphilis10 x 2 mLCE≤ -20˚C€327,50-KI4218
P0237/01SeraQ LIAISON Syphilis60 x 2 mLCE≤ -20˚C€1967,50,-KI4237
P0237/02SeraQ LIAISON Syphilis10 x 2 mLCE≤ -20˚C€327,50-KI4237
P0260/01SeraQ Murex Syphilis60 x 2 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€1967,50,-KI4261
P0260/02SeraQ Murex Syphilis10 x 2 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€327,50-KI4261
P0312/01SeraQ Elecsys Syphilis60 x 2 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€1967,50,-KI4278
P0312/02SeraQ Elecsys Syphilis10 x 2 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€327,50-KI4278
P0313/01SeraQ BIO-RAD Syphilis60 x 2 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€1967,50,-KI4279
P0313/02SeraQ BIO-RAD Syphilis10 x 2 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€327,50-KI4279
P0317/01SeraQ Alinity Syphilis60 x 2 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€1967,50,-KI4281
P0317/02SeraQ Alinity Syphilis10 x 2 mLPEO≤ -20˚C€327,50-KI4281

PEO = for performance evaluation only, limited supply to predefined customers
CE = CE registered product, market authorization for the European Union