HIV-1 RNA Controls


Cat. No^ViraQ ControlQuantityCopies/mLIU/mLReg. StatusStorage Temp.List Price Kit Insert
P0064/01ViraQ HIV-1 Check 12560 x 1.5mL125215CE≤ -30˚C€1287,50-KI4060
P0064/02ViraQ HIV-1 Check 12510 x 1.5mL125215CE≤ -30˚C€217,50-KI4060
P0068/01ViraQ HIV-1 Trend 2560 x 1.5mL2543.1CE≤ -30˚C€1287,50-KI4064
P0068/02ViraQ HIV-1 Trend 2510 x 1.5mL2543.1CE≤ -30˚C€217,50-KI4064

Pxxxx/01 = 60x10mL vials in rack/box
Pxxxx/02 = 10x10mL vials in zip bag
Pxxxx/03 = 10x2mL vials in zip bag

PEO = for performance evaluation only, limited supply to predefined customers

CE = CE registered product, market authorization for the European Union