On May 15th 2018 approximately 60 delegates from different countries participated in this pre-IPFA-PEI Satellite Workshop in the Royal Olympic Hotel in Athens. In a series of short presentations experienced scientists from blood screening laboratories in Europe and South Africa gave their view on where we are with standardization and quality control of NAT blood screening assays.

View the presentations of the speakers below.

Calibrations of Standards: foundation for understanding blood safety (pdf)
Nico Lelie, Bio Quality Control, Heiloo, Netherlands
Calibration in IUs, copies, virions, minimum infectious dose, length of window periods, replacement of seroconversion panels by standard dilution panels. Alternatives to WHO standards for NAT validation

External quality control ensuring sufficient analytical sensitivity of NAT assays (pdf)
Nico Lelie, Bio Quality Control, Heiloo, Netherlands
Positioning of run controls in relation to NAT detection limits on native and inactivated standards

Stability of native, lyophilized and inactivated standards (pdf)
Harry van Drimmelen, Bio Quality Control, Heiloo, Netherlands

Long term stability of liquid frozen standards at -80˚C and -30 ˚C. Impact of lyophilization and inactivation on virus recovery and particle integrity. In use stability of QC samples at +4 ˚C and 21 ˚C

The use of International Standards for quality control of NAT (pdf)
Martin Stolz, Berne, Blood Transfusion Center, Switzerland
Reduced NAT response on QC samples prepared from WHO replacement standards.

Design and evaluation of multi-marker run control for cobas MPX assay (pdf)
Marco Koppelman, Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Analytical sensitivity of cobas MPX, Evaluation of two multi-marker run controls

The use of ViraQ Check Controls for qualitative and quantitative NAT (pdf)
Marion Vermeulen, South African National Blood Service, Johannesburg, RSA
Performance of run controls in Ultrio Plus/Elite and Abbott Real time assay. Quantification of NAT yield samples

Monitoring analytical sensitivity of Procieix reagent batches with ViraQ Check and Trend Controls (pdf)
Fiona Boland, Irish Blood Transfusion Center, Ireland
Is there variation in analytical sensitivity of TMA reagent batches or in HBV, HCV, HIV and HEV run control batches?

Evaluation of external NAT controls from two manufacturers (pdf)
Aneta Kopacz, Insitute of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine, Warsaw, Poland
Comparison of NAT response values on two run controls. Evaluation of quality aspects.

Monitoring parvo B19V viral load in Procieix assays on Tigris and Panther platforms using ViraQ run control (pdf)
Heli Tenkanen, Finish Red Cross Blood Service, Finland
A shift in quantitative values on B19V run control (10.000 IU/mL) after recalibration of TMA assay on WHO replacement standard